Detroit Boat Club Crew Strikes Gold at World Masters Championships

Lake Velence, Hungary – The DBCC blue jerseys were prominent on the medals dock, winning five events in the G (65-69) age group. Wins included the 2-, 2x, 4x, 4+ and 8+.

Four of those victories were announced as “The United States of America” as all members were from the US. The 8+ was an “International” crew, with four US, 2 Australian, and 2 Croatian rowers, all  sporting the DBCC jerseys.

Gold medalists: Denny Wojdyla and Denis Sitek

The DBCC 4+: Dennis Sitek, Rick Anderson, Dennis Wojdyla, Bill Byrd, Jan Byrd (cox)

Receiving their medals at World Masters Championships

First Place international 8+ crossing the finish line